History: 100 Years of Love

The Day Nursery has a century-long tradition of loving children. Organized to meet the needs of working mothers in 1910, it expanded into its current home through the patronage of philanthropist and parishioner Nicholas Frederick Brady in 1915. For over 70 years, the Day Nursery served as both a resource for families and a home for the Sisters of Bon Secour, the Sisters of Charity, and the Dominican Sisters of Sparkill. Beginning in the late 1980s, the school transitioned to lay administration and staff, created the half-day program, expanded the preschool curriculum, and embarked on renovation projects to make the best use of the building’s historic spaces. As the school evolves, it remains true to its original mission of service to children and families of all backgrounds.

Educational Philosophy

The Day Nursery’s child-centered curriculum begins with an understanding of both the developmental level and learning style of each child. From this essential starting point, teachers guide children in the activities and areas of exploration that will help them to learn, grow, and thrive through each child’s unique talents and gifts.

Self-confidence and self-esteem are integral to effective learning. The goal of the Day Nursery is for children to develop an understanding of their uniqueness, a sense of mastery, and an excitement about school that remains with them for life.