St. Ignatius offers a flexible schedule to accommodate all families.

The full-day program runs from 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM, though parents may drop off their children any time before 9:00 AM and pick up children beginning at 3:00 PM. All programs are 5 days per week.


The Day Nursery’s rigorous curriculum is tailored to help every child succeed. Taking cues from children’s interests, teachers create themed units that range from Insects to Aesop’s Fables to Life in the North Pole to Recycling. Each unit incorporates lessons that delight and stimulate children while introducing them to age-appropriate instruction in math, language arts, music and movement, art, science, social studies, Spanish, and yoga.

Twice a week, each class receives Spanish language instruction from a Spanish language teacher. Students sing songs, play games, and work on projects designed to introduce Spanish sounds, vocabulary, and culture.

Yoga is a personal practice that can help stimulate the mind and body towards a healthy and happy lifestyle. It can provide children with the tools needed to “look within” themselves and guide them in a positive direction with confidence and compassion. As the children begin moving, singing, counting, breathing, and having fun, they are learning. It is through this playful practice that they learn the techniques to help their bodies become healthier, stronger, and more relaxed.